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As they say, a picture is sometimes better than a thousand words.  Viewing a video of oneself can really give a player vital information about their technique. Call and schedule a lesson with video analysis today. 

Pronation in Serving

Notice the thumb side of Sampras" racket...thumb side is pointing down in first frame and as the frames progress this edge of the racket is pointing inward as the frames progress and then toward him in the last frame...thats pronation

Knuckles Up!!!The Three T's

As Gauff is prepared to make this backhand volley return notice the TIP of the racket...THUMB left and THUMB right all lined up pointing up and the focus of the eyes on the line of flight to meet that ball out in front.

Become A Fortune Teller.

You have a good serve but somehow this opponent is getting everything they knew where it was going. Learn how to pick up vital information before the first point is ever played.

We Love IT! We Love IT! We Love IT!

Find something your kids enjoy and let them do it till their hearts desire. Whatever it is...doesn't have to be tennis.

What Time Is It?

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TwoHanded Backhand Grip

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