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The smile…the end result of accomplishment reached with appropriate skill building, athletic training & conditioning as well as goal specific play. Fun is always the main goal….enjoying the game,


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From age 8 to 80 there is something to learn and enjoy in tennis. 

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“Hitting The Heavy Ball” NetNews Article 2000

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 The Safety and Well-Being of all is very important. All Federal and USTA guidelines concerning  safegaurding professionals and students will be followed. Click the link to this information. 



CoachRod has been teaching tennis lessons to my girls for many years and I can’t sout. He is excellant with kids and learns their strengths and weaknesses. His approach is with accuracy and enthusiasm on every single practice. Specifically, he preparedbmy oldest daughter for try outs for the Walton HS team and she made; again thanks to him for his dedication and persistence. My girls have truly found a sport for life they really enjoy want to excel in and without CoachRod this would have never happened. Emilie O’leary

Tally Green


My Story

I have been in the Atlanta tennis community since back when ALTA played Singles matched so some know; thats been a while. I toured around the Southeast playing USTA tournaments. I began coaching in the early 1990’s…….

So…You could be thinking. How can coaching help me. The majority of professional tennis players have coaches. Enough said.